All is forgotten as Film Commission laud Wanuri Kahiu’s Academy gig

After a rocky year, Wanuri Kahiu has is finally enjoy the fruits of her labor. A recent announcement has just validated her efforts throughout her career, and everyone is super excited for her.

The director of the much-talked-about movie “Rafiki” faced resistance from the local authorities, with the Kenya Film Classification Board banning the movie for idealizing what was termed as homosexuality. A taboo in most African societies, Wanuri went on to produce nearly facing charges from the board. Now, the Kenya Film Commission was among the many to congratulate the prolific director, taking to Twitter in a public show of support.

Her talent for creating game-changing content was recognised only a few months back, as she and the cast & crew of the Kenyan movie “Rafiki” were invited to show at the Cannes Film Festival, making history as the Kenyan movie to receive such high praise. With such high-profile exposure, Wanuri has grown from strength to strength. The Kenyan change-maker is now a member of The Academy. The announcement that came to a surprise to many, is a testament to her talent and drive to change the African narrative across the globe.

The appointment now gives Wanuri more say-so over the narratives coming out of Africa. She now joins the likes of comedian Dave Chapelle, Mindy Kaling, and even Girls’ Trip breakout star Tiffany Haddish.

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