Rae Sremmurd Face Legal Trouble


According to a new article on VIBE, Rae Sremmurd are facing legal trouble.

An adoring fan did not get the award winning concert he paid for. It turns out that while attending a Rae Sremmurd concert,a fan received a serious migraine and permanent scarring and it was not because the show was lit. VIBE reported, one Michigan man has filed a lawsuit against the “Black Beatles” duo for throwing water bottles into the crowd that allegedly caused serious disfiguration and distress.

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Court records supplied by TMZ indicate that the man was seriously injured at the 2016 concer. “The duo recklessly catapulted full water bottles into the audience, one of which struck the man in the face. The man claims that a “chunk of his face” was ripped off from the force of the bottle being launched at the crowd. Unfortunately after receiving  treatment, doctors insist the man will have permanent scarring and disfiguration.

Even with the law suit looming over their heads, the duo seems not bothered by the gravity of the case.It seems they are more focused on having a good time as witnessed on their latest Instagram post.

Sisqo x Ric ⚖️

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