Rabbit vs Octopizzo: Who is the King of Kenyan hip-hop?



Rabbit and Octopizzo are both heavyweights in Kenya’s music industry, no doubt. There are certain aspects that define stars and those that separate the mighty from the good and the astonishing from the surprising.  Octopizzo and Rabbit are both gifted in different ways, but what exactly separates the two?

The work of art of a good artiste stands when comparisons are made. An insight into Rabbit and Octopizzo reveals a lot differences and few similarities



Octopizzo rhymes quite well but that’s just about it. Octopizzo’s style mainly involves the use of rhymes, modified similes and word equations. Powerful wordplay and heavy punch lines but less concrete lyrics.

Rabbit focuses on aspects of life to create flow. He’s a dignified poet who always ensures every line in his song connects to the next.  Few rhymes but hard hitting lyrics



Apart from Mama and Toboa – in which he featured Anto NeoSoul no other track by Octopizzo has a concrete message. He tends to focus on entertainment rather than message.  It isn’t a bad thing to do, since many artistes who opt on message rather than entertainment don’t have any hits to brag about

A review into most of Rabbit’s tracks reveals different messages. There was ‘Betty’ which had a lost love message, ‘Sitaki kukuona’ in which was a diss to bad company,’ Mtu Iviivi’ which stresses the importance of concern and LigiSoo which is all about the bright side of life. All of these songs have been hits.

Fashion sense

Octopizzo’s fashion sense focuses on swag rather than style. Swag is becoming outdated and as such, Octopizzo’s dressing style has been widely criticized. The fact that he wore a suit in his latest video ‘Stay so Fly’ means that the persistent criticism finally got to him.

Rabbit has metamorphosed from simple dressing to stylish dressing. Nowadays, he prefers wearing a king’s crown while on stage performing to signify that e rules the game.



In terms of consistency, there is no comparison between the two. Rabbit automatically wins. Since he started rapping about five years ago, Kaka Sungura has always had hit after hit. Octopizzo has managed arguably one anthem so far, which is ‘Ivo ivo’. Most of his songs have been good but not excellent.


Octopizzo has a ‘rags to riches’ story and he must be commended for that. Growing up in a slum isn’t an easy thing. He has reached the heights in which he flies in today because he’s a hardworking artiste. His business ventures which include a clothing line and condom line are proof of hustle

Rabbit’s work can’t be put into question. He also has a clothing line among other private business ventures. His work in the studio is also proof of real hustle. Quality videos and beats in his music are proof of an artiste focused on giving his best


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  • great piece man….bt its almost certain that u’ve already pickd one (kaka sungura) already for us to which i wnt to both agree and disagree at tha same time……kaka sungura is a poet to whom i relate with, octopizo on the otha hand is dope in his own way,he’s also a poet but kwa level ya street…
    both ni kings to me

  • damn…. both rappers a good, im not kenyan… and i dont understand what they say… but they have different rapping style… so you cant compare them both… Rabbit is subtle… Octopizza is GUNZ….

    love the song with SAGE… octopizza’s rhythm was sick…. damn i also love ligi soso… Rabbit always catches my attention with is low smooth punch lines..

    so lets give it to both of them….

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