Pushing your limits is secret to personal growth


Entrepreneur of the Month

Personal Growth means getting better at those things that attract success and achievement. In this journey of Personal Growth we are going to be talking about why going outside to your comfort zone is as critical to your success as breathing is to your being alive.

We are also going to explore why your environment is vital and why the baggage around you that you call friends should be disposed of in order for you to grow. For those whose only encounter with the word ‘Goals’ is when they watching football, then this will be good for you. There are those among us who think talk alone will move them to riches.

Action alone will, not talk so we will focus on action that moves one towards one’s goals. This will not be ‘baby baby nicey nicey’ kind of forum. This will be a get off your butt, think big and get to work kind of forum where only those determined to change and impact their present and future will be welcome.

Those people who think their brains are a garage for facts who go out and waste valuable time getting a string of academic degrees will be in for a shock with some of the things I talk about on this forum. I am not about political correctness here. We need to raise a generation of Africans bent on nothing short of taking this continent onto the next level.

To do that, a new mindset is a must. Personal growth is the vehicle we will use to acquire that mindset.

Let’s Grow!

Personal growth with Farai Kufkwedu




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