The Perfect Proposal Gone Wrong


This video surfaced on twitter on 13th June 2017 and documents a proposal that didn’t go as expected, or if it was meant to be a publicity stunt, then it went as expected.

The venue was perfect, and after a sumptious and filling meal, our boy-child was ready. He had been preparing for this his whole life.

He looked around and noted that the smartphone per square foot density was just right. It was time.

He reached into his back pocket for the box holding the one item that would change his life forever, an act that also conveniently left his fingers somewhat free of the oil from the chicken they had just eaten.

With the rush of blood filling his ears, he took a knee, barely aware of the annoying commentary from a girl to his left who was obviously excited at the scene developing right in front of her.

“Will you be my future ex-wife?”

Never have such elegant words left the trembling lips of a man that was looking to turn his best friend(we assume) into his lifelong companion; and while the words may have been guided by the rapport and familiarity we, the audience, are expected to assume they have(had), her body language immediately those words came out indicated she was anything but comfortable.

Like a cornered rabbit she looked around then timidly approached him and whispered in his ear, “The [redacted] are you doing? We never talked about this!”

She turned back looking for a quick exit, but none were to be seen save for the one that was positioned past her eager (future ex?) boyfriend. This gave him advantage, so she went back to him and whispered in his ear again, “C’mon, get up. You’re embarrasing me.” The boy-child conceded and got up.

Side commentary from our annoying spectator from before, who by the bye is making this whole scene seem scripted, informs us that were this happening in the United States, they would already be clapping.

The audience starts goading the lady to say yes. As we all know, there is nothing as satisfying as erasing doubt and making life impacting decisions about the man that just asked you to be his future ex-wife by paying attention to youthful strangers in a fast food restaurant.

So the man did what any normal man that had just realized the awkward position he had put his partner in would do, he made it more awkward by getting back on his knee and ecouraged the crowd to get her to say yes.

True to form, she said yes and they lived happily ever after. End of article; no lessons to be learnt from this incident.

No. She was out of there so fast he was still proposing to her outline when she reached the entrance.




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