Propesa Demystify Cultural Stereotypes With Laughs


The latest comedic sensation, Propesa pose as Kalenjin jokesters. Delivering hilarious puns dubbed over the original “Muziki” by Darassa and Ben Pol, the Propesa cover proves a brown jacket or  “chaget” added in any music video makes for comedic gold.


The cover titled “Mursik” by Propesa is a dedication to all Kalenjins. A celebration of what makes the people unique, the track is  3 minutes packed full of jokes. Though some may be a miss, punchlines like “asali na mursik; wacha malenga kunya mursik…” could have anyone experiencing fits of laughter.


The group of four comedians have recently experienced success with their fresh content and unique take on current affairs. Self-proclaimed friends of Deputy President William Ruto, the foursome do not shy away from calling on their friends in high places. The Nakuru natives satire not only entertains the nation but also highlights various aspects of the Kenyan society like impunity and the delicate dynamics of politics in Kenya.


Who did it better?




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