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Profile: Joe Makeni – Civil Engineer turned Photographer


“I am an artist. A photographer. I began taking pictures in 2006 as a hobby while I was at JKUAT. I practiced Structural engineering for one year but even though I loved it I realized that photography was my true passion. So in September of 2011 I resigned and went full time into photography.

I play with light. I like my shadows and my highlights to communicate what my images are about. It has to be as I see it in my mind. Light detail is what I’m all about.

I earn my living shooting Weddings, Interiors, Commercial and Editorial photographs but I love to shoot fashion. > joe.frontlight.co.ke

Somehow we get more out of life when we pause it. So today stop, stare… maybe even strike a pose!”

By: www.sauti.co.ke

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