Professor Of Play Hire Wanted


Firefighter, astronaut, princess – few of us actually get the jobs we dream about as children. But with Cambridge University looking to recruit a Lego Professor of Play, one lucky soul just might.


The uni – ranked number one in the UK – is looking for an expert to run their brand new education, development and learning research center. Funded in part by the Lego Foundation, the center will “examine the importance of play and playfulness in education globally” in order to teach children skills like problem-solving, teamwork and self-control.


According to the Guardian, Cambridge are looking for someone with a “childlike mindset”: “an academic who is playful, extremely curious, open-minded, imaginative and creative”.  “The value of play is relatively under-researched,” Cambridge University education professor Anna Vignoles told the paper. “The aim of the center is to conduct rigorous research into the importance of play and how playful learning can be used to improve students’ outcomes.”


If the job didn’t sound amazing enough already, the university are offering a “competitive” salary for the position.


Where do we apply?

This article was previously published on Huffington Post site.



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