A Profession In Designing Provides Solutions To Life’s Problems

When looking for professions that appeal to you, it is important to consider your strengths as well as your interests. For those gifted with artistic abilities, a career in design is a great way to butter your bread while staying true to your interests. However, it is of significant importance that one also appreciates that to design one must look at every scenario as a chance to improve the current state and provide lasting solutions.

In this era, human-centered design as well as sustainable solutions reign. In need of a long, sometimes tedious though-process, this sector of design is not for the faint-hearted.

Here is what anyone looking to be a designer should know:

1.Remember your first love

Most designers begin their careers with sketching or doodling in their exercise books in primary school. Once you land the job, always go back to your first love; sketching and practicing your art.

2.Appreciate the importance of being self-taught

As a designer, many times there will be no one to teach you the important aspects of design and the ever-changing landscape. Always strive to improve your skills. Take initiative, look into Youtube tutorials and even short courses to improve your craft.

3.Develop your own signature style

Discover what you love about design. Whether it is illustrations, user interface design including apps, it is important to be aware of what draws you to design. Take your interests and develop your own approach to design in design field of your choosing. Like an artist, it is important to be original and creative in the work you present.

Special thanks to Christopher Wanjagi, Lead Designer at Capital FM.

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