How To Be Productive In 8 Hours


With four months already done and dusted in 2017, many are evaluating their year’s goals, sizing what they have achieved and what goals they are yet to met. The first quarter of the year is almost over and days seem to be getting longer. How does one remain productive despite the fatigue and distractions that come from life?


Here are a few tips to make the best of every day.


1.Restrict Your Time Online

The internet is a black hole that consumes your time and delivers no returns. Whether it is a quick run through your Facebook timeline or a flip through Snapchat, spending time online can take up lots of time one may never recover. If you are seeking to free up more time to work on more important projects, reduce your time online. Set out time for social media and ensure you only spend a little amount of time.


2. Set Out Time For Emails

The endless emails keep streaming in, sapping your energy and keeping you distracted. Be mindful of how often you take time out to reply to emails. Time spent keeping up with mail in your inbox, can easily see you spend hours that are better spent on more important matters. To be more efficient it better to curve out time for emails twice a day to stay up to date.


3.Write A To-Do List

Listing down the activities you hope to achieve through the day can be a great way to measure your progress and ensure you stay on track. Whether it is the small, mundane tasks or the large high-priority tasks; writing them down could help you achieve key activities throughout the day. It also boosts your sense of achievement as you check off various tasks in the day, making you more determined to finish the tasks of the day.


4.Make SMART Goals

Most times, people are overambitious making goals they are most likely unable to achieve. To ensure you are more productive, it is essential to make SMART goals. Goals should always be specific-measurable-attainable-realistic-time based. This acronym is a simple yet effective way to ensure you make the best of goal setting.





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