Pro Gamers Could Finally Earn Themselves An Olympic Medal


According to  Mashable, the Asian Olympic Games is set to hold the first ever esport category where competitors battle it out to win a medal for their gaming prowess. The Asian games to be held in 2022 in Hangzhou China, with interesting developments and inclusions in the sporting arena.


The games included in the Asian Games were approved by the Olympic Council of Asia. The Asian Olympic Council has already made headway in approving the games esport competitors will participate in. According to The Verge, “The OCA didn’t provide a full list of the games that would feature at the tournaments, but said that players would be competing in FIFA 2017, as well as “MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) and RTA (Real Time Attack)” games.”


For those who see gaming as a hobby, there is now a chance one could represent their country in the Olympics as a gamer. As the Asian Games act as a test run for the more popular Summer Olympics, the success of the esports category is vital to the evolution of the Olympics.


For those who hope to make it to the Olympics as gamers, may the odds forever be in your favor.



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