Prevent Social Media From Ruining Your Chances Of Getting The Job


Now more than ever, it is important to censor what one puts up on social media. According to USATodayCollege, there are several tips any recent graduate could implement to ensure that your posts on Facebook do not hurt your chances of landing a job.


1.Do Not Be A Consumer, Be A Creator

Always strive to contribute to the industry. Add to the content in your field and share it on social media. An article or blog post on how to use social media to drive content marketing could land you brownie points with your interviewer. Always seek to stand out and do you best to be the best.


2.Avoid Images That Have You In A Compromising Situation

While trying to remain relevant and share the good times with your followers on social media, it could easily ruin your chances of landed the job. It is essential to keep your social media feed clean. Avoid images of yourself that feature alcohol or other illicit substances or friends drunk scantily dressed. These images only work against the image you want to portray.


3. Display The Different Sides Of Your Personality

Your social media handles are a platform you could use to display your character and your interests. Moreover, it would be the perfect platform to create your brand. Associate yourself with endeavors that will work well to benefit your brand. Your family and friends, hobbies and other intriguing facets of your character would make great fodder for social media.


4. Ensure Your Feed Remains Positive

With many taking to social media to share their problems and their most inner thoughts, it is vital to screen what you post. Go through previous posts and ensure you keep out the negativity, typos and a self-absorbed persona as this could make you seem as an unworthy candidate.




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