President Uhuru Dabs To Encourage High Voter Turnout In The Elections


As the election dates draw closer, President Uhuru Kenyatta staged a dance routine with the aim to get the youth out to vote. Voter registration is still ongoing, conducted by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission. Due to end on the 14th of February, many politicians are making an appeal to Kenyans to register to vote.


In an attempt to be relatable to Kenya’s youth, President Kenyatta danced with the popular F.B.I dance crew on the State House lawn to a catchy tune whose lyrics repeated “bamba kura yako” a call to voter registration. Recognized as one of Africa’s most interesting presidents, even winning the African award for president of the year 2015,  H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta received backlash online under the hashtag #DabOfShame with many claiming he was out of sync and went too far to capture the attention of Kenyan youth.


However, President Uhuru’s dance with F.B.I should not come as a shock as he even ditched his official presidential escort to board public transportation   even meeting up with local celebrities to get their perspectives on local matters. The images of President Uhuru sent Kenyans on Twitter into a frenzy, trending days after the pictures were released.  It is yet to be confirmed if this stunt will draw the youth to register for the impending elections. Only time will tell.



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