Precautions to take while on Cyberspace



With more people having more conversations online than in person with the advent of Facebook, Twitter and even Whatsapp our definition of interaction is forever changed. Thus, it should come as no surprise that relationships are also affected by the new wave of communication. Now more than ever before, we are connected to more people, but yet isolated from those closest to us. However, human nature to love and to be loved is still intact as many seek cyber love to fulfill their need to be loved.

Many interact with many people from different backgrounds and soon sparkles start flying even though many miles separate the two individuals. But it must be said that even though the allure of a cyber romance may be very tempting, some precautions must be made. First, one should never share any personal details while in communication with the other individual. Details such as bank account details, phone numbers and identification cards should all be closely guarded.

Secondly, one should maintain a realistic perspective on the relationship being established. Now more than ever, youth out rules wisdom and common sense as many make stupid decisions in the name of love. It is always advisable to begin as friends and slowly progress onwards. This gives any relationship a chance for both individuals to get to know the significant other. There are many stories of couples that met over the internet who hastily married only to get divorced within the same year. These mistakes are avoidable just by taking things slow and letting time and fate take its course.

Third, never send any pictures you would not want your mother to see. It is natural to be curious to see how the other person on the other side looks like, but caution must be exercised. Only is only prudent to upload descent pictures that will not embarrass you later in life. These pictures can resurface later on and used to bring you shame.

Finally, when in a chat room always be conscious of the fact that there is a possibility that the person on the other end is not what they may seem like.  Always be careful what you share and create boundaries so as not to over share. These precautions are important, because it helps many be wary of predators and to take note of red flags. Always be vigilant and protect yourself.



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