Daystar University closed after police standoff at Nairobi Campus


Daystar University’s is closed indefinately as it’s Nairobi Campus turned into a war zone last night.

As the events of last night unfolded, police lobbed tear gas to quell unrest at some students at Daystar’s Nairobi Campus. This was not the first time Daystar students faced the full the force of the police. Last year, the tension hit fever pitch at Daystar’s Athi River campus as students aired their grievances, seeking for changes in the institution’s administration only to met with fully kitted GSU police.

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Based on a Tweet shared via the Daystar University account, a meeting was in fact scheduled to discuss a forensic report and audit report.

The protests last night were organized after the meeting failed to take place between the Senate and student leaders to discuss an audit report on financial management. Students involved in the protests sought redress on the matter, claiming the institution should provide information on the audit.

Police were called to the campus with orders to evict students and parents involved the standoff at the University’s premises. There’s been increasing unrest at the institution after students demanded the resignation of Vice Chancellor Timothy Wachira over alleged mismanagement.

Meanwhile, Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) also had its fair share of unrest yesterday as students from the Nyeri Campus took to the streets to protest the transfer of their Principle. The issues are still yet to be resolved. However, local government has gotten involved to ensure its quick resolution as Nyeri Governor Mutahi Kahiga took to social media to share his sentiments on the matter.

More information will follow as both stories unfold.



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