Pizza Vending Machine in now Campus Hostel


Xavier University is officially winning… especially in the hearts of pizza lovers.

The university put a Pizza ATM in one of its residence halls that serves up a fresh, restaurant-quality pizza in minutes. And it’s open 24-7.

“We were looking for a way to solve this problem of having a late-night pizza option on campus,” Assistant Vice President Jude Kiah said. “And this meets our students where they’re at, in their residence hall.”

He said this pizza vending machine was a cost-effective and innovative way to make students happy and satisfy their cravings.

“And we like the idea of being first and innovative and trying something new,” Kiah said. “There’s one Pizza ATM in the U.S. and this is it.”

Late night pizza is a staple of college life and with this hot commodity, Fenwick Place residence hall might be the most popular place on campus.

This article was previously posted on USA College Today. 



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