Pink Is Not Interested In Beefing With Christina Aguilera


Rock-hard abs and an angelic voice to match, pop-rock star Pink did it big at the American Music Awards. The annual ceremony saw the “Try” star make headlines not only for her epic performance but also for reaction to Christina Aguilera’s onstage performance.

The duo who previously had beef that stemmed from their collaboration on the 2001 track “Lady Marmalade” have since resolved their differences. However, it seems others were hoping the two were back at it, with Twitter page @TheShadyFacts reporting that Pink was unimpressed by Christina’s performance that paid homeage to Whitney Houston. According to E! News “an image of the singer went viral with many outlets and Internet users claiming that the Pink wasn’t feeling the “Your Body” singer’s medley to the late Houston.”

However, Pink made it clear that she had no time for ochestrated tension between her and friend Aguilera. If there was ever a quicker way to put aside the bu**s*!$ , Pink just used it, making her thoughts known on Twitter.



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