(PICS) USIU Cultural Fest

Culture Week is a yearly celebration held in various institutions around the country to celebrate the diversity in our communities. In the last week of February, in conjunction with Black History Month, USIU honoured its tradition under the theme: ‘Generated Globally, Inspired Locally’.

It was a great celebration of the various cultures represented in USIU’s student body, and all involved from students to teachers to the many Alumni that graced the occasion had a great time. It was an opportunity for the students to show unity inspite of diversity, and sent a positive message throughout the student body in anticipation of the following week’s national election.

Even in their celebration, students still took time to write down a peace message
The tents were shared by different communities each showcasing what they consider to be the most unique aspect of their lives back home

The different countries and cultures got together to showcase their creativity through the displaying and selling of jewelery, clothes, handbags and food
Mash up of cultures
Divese cultures were represented in the different poster hung around
Ecobank was the event’s sponsor, and they set up tents and mingled with students while promoting their Swag Account.
Culture Week! Welcome signs were put up right from the gate, making it pretty hard to ignore the event.
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