Pick your poison



College life is synonymous with heavy drinking and partying. For many, the drinking culture begins in college and could be carried on till their dying days. So when it comes to alcohol, one needs to be careful to ensure they do not become dependent on the bottle to function. Many people believe that they cannot have fun without alcohol but that is not the case.  In fact, it is just an excuse to drink and in their drunken stupor, do things they would never do when sober. So if you are new to drinking there are a few things you need to consider before you guzzle down pints and get “white-boy wasted” with your friends.

First, you need to establish your reasons for drinking as well as your personal beliefs. It is important to know if you are being pressured into drinking because of your friends. If this is your reason, I would like to warn you that this is a slippery slope. It is important to make decisions for yourself without being coerced by your friends. You may choose be a social drinker which is totally acceptable.  This means that you only drink in social situations with friends and family. On the other hand, being an avid drinker can be risky. Usually those who drink often may be trying to fill a void within them, which could lead them into a dark hole that eventually is difficult to get out of. The snowball effect of one’s inability to control their liquor  can be detrimental to their life’s course. So it is important to approach with caution.

In college it is common to keep drinking because your friends are drinking. However, with this trend you may surpass your limit in an effort to impress or outdo your friends. It is important to be wise and know when you have reached your limits and bow out gracefully before your friends have to collect you from the floor. Actually, it is embarrassing and reflects badly on your judgment because you do not know when to stop. For a girl it can be dangerous because men could easily take advantage of you and for the young gents, you might do something or someone you might regret the morning after.

Finally, if you plan on drinking it is also important to know what you like. This will also help you establish your limit which is the point after which you have no control over yourself.  So you should ask friends for advice and maybe try different things before you decide. There are many different alcoholic beverages and they all  vary in alcoholic percentages, which means their potency, varies. This is definitely something to take note of, before you down those yagerbombs and sambuka shots.  There are distilled beverages like vodka, whiskey and fermented beverages like beer and cider which all have a different effect on the consumer. Be wary because only you can determine how you feel the next morning so make wise choices.



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