Pharrell Williams moved by a NYU student’s music

Music is the soundtrack to life and a  little creativity can move people, create a mood for an evening and even mark a significant milestone. At a masterclass hosted at New York University, industry giant Pharrell Williams shared nuggets with a group of students. In the Arts-In-Residence program, Pharrell offered advice to students giving his insights on how to fuse music and an individual’s creativity to create sweet music. According to an article previously posted on USACollege Today it was mentioned why Williams was selected to be part of the program. It was written “King thought the mix of Pharrell’s artistry, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship would make him a powerful mentor and role model for recorded music students.”

As Williams listened to the different students giving his notes;  he to a liking to Maggie Rodger’s music  had a special connection with her music. According to the article, Rodgers told Williams about her experience growing up in a rural part of Maryland, which helped spark her interest in writing and performing folk music. But after a “spiritual experience” in France, she told Williams the dance music she heard played in the country inspired her to take her music in a different direction. Pharrell pointed out to the students that they all possess the ability to break free from pop. He encouraged the students to “melodically sing things that are not necessarily popular.”

Watch the masterclass session below.

Ivy Mang'eli :Ivy Mang'eli is a graduate of Daystar University. She is passionate about youth affairs and social development