The People React To Trump’s Reign of Terror; Post Inauguration


After his inauguration on the 20th of January at the National Mall in Washington D.C, Donald Trump has had an eventful few days as the 45th president. With dismal attendance to the occasion that marked the beginning to his presidential term, Trump has implemented several items on his priority list. If his first 48 hours is to go by, Trump’s  term will be a colorful one.


The businessman turned president, Trump has met with the CIA, scheduled a meeting with the Mexican president and issued an executive order aimed at rolling back former President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act, according to CNN. But the people he now rules were not accepting his new role in the republic.



Many had lots to say to the Commander in Chief as the Women’s March happened simultaneously over several cities. The peaceful protests held on 21st January had support from thousands including notable celebrities like Alicia Keys, Madonna, Scarlett Johanssen and even Janae Monae. Championing women’s rights and rights for minorities, the march was a meeting of like-minded folk against the values and ideas that  Trump embodies.


But as Trump begins his term in office with lots of opposition from citizens all over the world, Barack Obama’s last week in office was a time of reflection, reminding many of the greatness of the man many called Mr. President. Many question if Donald Trump will ever be as likable or effective as his incumbent Barack Obama. Only time will tell.




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