Peculiarities Of Graduation Day In Kenyan Universities


Last Friday’s 43rd Kenyatta University graduation day was marked with huge crowds, merry moments and lots of photo sessions. On top of that, the after party was an individual or group affair depending on one’s packet.
Emotions, hidden within, must accompany an event like this. For a graduand, depending on the course you majored in, the hopes of getting employed immediately remain low. The subsequent week, month or year, are spent pondering over the fact that you remain unemployed, after receiving a higher education.

Seated quietly close to my sister in the ‘Graduands’ Section’, humbly embracing the heat as I wait for the ceremony to come to an end, I eavesdropped on a couple of female graduands. The two sound frustrated with the whole process of graduating. ”Kwani watamaliza saa ngapi? It’s not like we’re getting jobs tomorrow. It’s just a ceremony, a one-day ceremony!” She tells the other lady seated close to her. ” I never bothered to invite my family members to this event. Wangecome ningetoa wapi doh? ” Her friend responds, after pausing for a few seconds. The duo’s conversation is a sample of issues a large population of Kenyan graduates experience today.

After the event has ended, we walked to the exit gate as we take some photos. I look around and all I see is every family member, in different groups, hoarding with their graduate(s) at strategic positions to take pictures. But what strikes out most is the encouraging message by a mother to her son-likely an undergrad, ”Ata wewe usome kwa bidii ndio next year turudi hapa.” She tells him.

As we exit the campus premise, it’s clearly known that a seniors’ after party is already underway at a location far away from the campus. Exactly how did we know this? A certain graduate muscled his way past us within a slow-moving crowd towards the gate. He was conversing with a friend over the phone, ” Hii graduation imeisha, bash imeanza?” He asked the person on the other side, with excitement

Whichever way you decide to end your graduation, what you’ll do next is what will define you.



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