Oxford’s Simukai Chigudu Gives New Meaning To African Intellectual

The Zimbabwean intellectual Simukai Chigudu was recently appointed a member of the faculty at the prestigous Oxford University on 24th July 2017.

A Ph.D student himself currently studying under the Hoffman-Weidenfeld Scholarship at Oxford, he has achieved great success. Lots of effort has now granted him an opportunity to receive the the distinguished appointment at Oxford as Departmental Lecturer in Development Studies at the Oxford Department of International Development. With an extensive academic career, including “having received training in Medicine at Newcastle University, Public Health at Imperial College London and African Studies at the University of Oxford” as stated in the Oxford University website,  it seems that his new position is set to take his career as a scholar one notch higher.

Once a doctor, Chigudu dropped the stethoscope and picked up a pen to pursue a more academic career. Currently writing his Ph.D. thesis, the young intellectual is a significant appointee for Oxford University an institution that has termed itself as “institutionally racist.”

In a recent interview with Oxford University Press, speaking on what give him an edge over other candidates Chigudu said, “academia is a competitive job market to enter and, in its early stages, it is not as well remunerated as fields such as finance, medicine or law. ” Though he may seem like an extraordinary human, Chigudu embodies just what a typical millenial student is all about. Music and lots of reading seem to weigh heavy on his mind, not to mention his new teaching position.

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