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Oxford changes dress code to allow men wear skirts


Oxford University has made amendments to its official dress code to allow men wear skirts and stockings while women can now dress in ties during official occasions. The amendments have been implemented to accommodate transgender students in the university.


The University has a had a code of dressing for official functions for a long time which has been enforced to the letter.


Under the old laws on academic clothing, male students were required to wear a dark suit and socks, black shoes, a white bow tie and a plain white shirt under their black gowns.

Female students had to wear a dark skirt or trousers, a white blouse, black stockings and shoes and a black ribbon tied in a bow.


The Guardian reports: “The regulations have been amended to remove any reference to gender, in response to concerns raised by Oxford University Student Union that the existing regulations did not serve the interests of transgender students,” stated Oxford University.

Source: The Guardian



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