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Overwhelming support flows in for heroic USIU student


It’s not everyday we see overwhelming support after a story is published but after George’s story was so inspiring that some people decided to do something about his condition.


George’s story was first published in Capital Campus last week and judging by the number of comments and shares it got, it was clearly an inspiring story. See: USIU student bravely rises from crippling condition


In a nutshell, George Asimba found himself facing an uncertain future when a mysterious condition robbed George of his ability to walk or stand. In addition, his parents are struggling to get funds for his treatment in India and also pay for his school fees. But this has not dampened George’s mood, who always keeps his chin up in spite of the challenges in his life.


But following the story, the USIU student’s fortune is turning around for the better. George got a surprise call and was asked to go to the library where he met Benjamin Bol Mel – a doctorate student at USIU.


George with his new wheelchair donated by Karan and Yohan
George with his new wheelchair donated by Karan and Yohan. Photo:  Githinji Mwai


After a few minutes of talking, Bol gave George 1500USD (Sh130,000) which will go to the school to offset his tuition fees. Mel had been told about George‘s story something that touched him and made him want to meet him. Mel is well-known for his philanthropy at USIU and is a holder of the community service award 2010.


“That was the very first time I saw how a dollar looked like. It was the largest amount of money my family has handled at one go,” George said excitingly.


With the cash from Mel, George has managed to clear the fee balance for this semester, pay a bit of next semester’s fees and buy a laptop.


“The challenge ahead of me is to work hard to get a good GPA so that I can get a full scholarship and I am trusting God to help me as I spend time reading to get good grades,” George explains.

The financial boost was just part of the surprise. George got an offer from two USIU students – Yohana and Karan – for a better wheel chair. George says he has been overwhelmed by the support and words of encouragement he has got since his story came out.

“I really want to thank the USIU student for the kind love and appreciation and the numerous comments I have seen in the story from students in different universities,” says George.


Later, Mel read the story and offered to buy George an electric wheelchair.


“People should learn to be frank with their lives to be able to come from where they are. I might meet you and I may think you are ok yet you are not. If I was hidden in my wheelchair no one would know my story and neither would I have gotten to where I am today,” George advices.

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