Is Otile Brown Kenya’s John Legend? Chrissy Teigen may not agree


Otile Brown continues to make headlines.

After a reported fight at Vanessa Mdee’s album launch about a week ago, one of Kenya’s sexiest performers continues to provide great fooder for Kenya’s rumour mill. It seems his friendship with  Timmy Tdat is in jeopardy after Tdat claimed to have bedded his girlfriend. Nonetheless, his bad luck in the love department did not diminish his shine as one of East Africa’s most talented.

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Born and breed in Mombasa, Otile is known for his sultry sound, and a chiseled body that has many women in a frenzy. After a local blog compared the “Kistaarabu” singer-songwriter to 10-time Grammy Winner John Legend, many took to Twitter to air their opinion on the comparison.


In a tweet to Chrissy Teigen, a Kenyan called calling attention to what many would deem an inaccurate comparison. In jest, Teigen did not shy away from finding out more about her husband’s look-alike. All in all, this publicity may have been just what Otile needed to get over the bad press.




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