Osborne Macharia’s futuristic exhibition takes flight at Air Gikosh

 Nairobi’s creative space is quickly spreading its wings, and on the 22nd and 23rd of June, airplane salvage furniture art touched down at The Junction Mall, in the form of Air Gikosh. A jaw-dropping keyhole peek through the limitless potential of Kenyan creatives and the opportunity that exists in reusing and recycling materials.
Walking into the event at The Junction Mall’s New Courtyard, the exhibition fully took advantage of the space and transformed it through great costuming, creatively written menus and amazing art and aero decor. With music from EDM DJ Suraj and Blinky Bill, mixing from an airplane cockpit, it gave off the feeling of being at a party in the sky.
Leading act Osborne Macharia, let his work speak for itself as the pieces on show really took center stage as well as an immersive Virtual Reality experience. The audience was free to move and inspect the revolutionary art deeply, which provided a natural energy to the event, a welcome departure from the stuffy stereotype one would expect from an art exhibit.

A lack of knowledge about the exhibit and the stories of the creators beforehand essentially would not be changed by attending the show, that is why I would encourage you to visit their website www.airgikosh.com to find out more about them.  However it was a great experience and the flight was truly worth way more than the cost of admission, which was nothing!


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