Orange Is The New Black… Hello Trump, Farewell Obama


In a recent sketch on Comedy Central, the comedic duo Key and Peele put up a 4-minute skit loosely based on Barack Obama’s Farewell speech. The emotional speech presented by the 44th President of the United States was delivered before a lively crowd in Chicago.


The two jokesters delivered an entertaining satirical version of the farewell address, set in the oval office. With Keegan Micheal Key playing Obama’s angry translator and Jordan Peele playing the composed Obama, the two are amusing to watch. The skit hints at Barack’s major accomplishments while in office as well as the various challenges the President took on during his tenure. The duo’s chemistry comes through delivering big laughs while hitting hard on the Birther Scandal where Trump led a witch-hunt claiming Obama was not born in America.  The short, witty performance is probably all the things Obama would really say given the chance, but his calm, cool attitude will never see Obama stoop this low. Nevertheless, it’s worth watching.




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