Orange dance show makes debut on TV with Nairobi finalists



As promised, the Orange Beat Ya Street premiere was finally aired on the National Televison (NTV) on Saturday night and the response from our fans has been amazing. We are happy about all the positive comments we are getting regarding the show and especially about the setup.


We have to remind you that it’s all thanks to the producers and directors of the show, VWV an International company that is behind big events like the 2010 FIFA World cup. We promise that with these great brains behind the creativity of OBYS, it will only get better and bigger.


The show saw 8 dance crews voted by the public battle each other on a stage. It was a faceoff between the FBI crew and Oasis, BlackBlingers and Kenya Performing Arts Group (KPAG), Sisqo and Mobb dancers and Sawala against Wapi wapi who were competing to make it for the semi finals.


The eight teams all brought out their A game with mad energy from each but it was all up to the judges; Marion, Boneless and QQU. They had the final say and at the end of the show declared Black Blingers, FBI, Mobb Dancers and Wapi Wapi as winners of the first round. This means that the four will proceed to the next level which is the semifinals to battle against each other. Only two teams from Nairobi will make it to the final competition.

You definitely do not want to miss out on the next show. It comes to you on the same day and same time on NTV. Tune in to NTV next Saturday at 8:00 PM and find out firsthand which two teams it will be!



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