Orange BYS Kisumu Finals Attracts Dance Crew from Turkana


Kisumu turkana dance

The recording of the Kisumu regional show is set to go down today at the Lakers Hub and dance crews from all parts of the country have turned up to be part of this epic dance battle. We got a chance to speak to one of the teams which has come all the way from Turkana to participate in the OBYS challenge.


The Dafystars Kenya is a group of 7 boys and as to why they have no girls, they explained that they didnt think that girls would be able to go through all the hardships and challenges that they face as a dance group from the Turkana region. The group is made up of students from different campuses and colleges and one of the challenges they face is being able to balance their studies and dance, they however explained that through hardwork and dedication they have been able to manage both.

The group was initially formed by three members who met while studying at the Katilu High School located 20 km from Kitale Town. As a three member dance crew, they still took dance very seriously and were even nominated for the Kenya Dance Crew awards. Six months ago, they added four more members into their group to make the crew that will today battle 7 others for the Kisumu crown.

The dance journey hasnt been smooth at all especially based on the fact that they come from Turkana. This has been a great challenge given that dance is not very recognized in the region, as a result getting a gig/ show to perform is almost impossible. The team captain, Daniel Jeronimo also pointed out that they do not have a sponsor and lack of finances was one of the major challenges, as students they sometimes had to go to great lengths to get funds to keep the team running.

They also dont have a training venue and relied on any place that would be available to conduct their training sessions on a daily basis. However, they still make a point to meet at 3 PM every day and train for as long as they can go. As to why the joined OBYS, the team says that winning the Ksh 5M Prize money will definitely boost their career and that unlike the rest, OBYS was different and more serious.

They explained that the prize money had obviously attracted the best dance teams in the country and they want to compete and be ranked among the best. The Dafystars Kenya are focused on bagging the cash and are confident that they will be crowned Kisumu Kings because according to them, they are the best.



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