Online course directory launched



A new online directory providing prospective college students with information on University and college courses in Kenya has been launched.

The website, seeks to facilitate prospective students with all the information they need on specific courses and their availability at the click of a button.

“What we are doing is bridging the gap between prospective students and the colleges. We are empowering the youth to take ownership of their higher education decisions by providing them with all the information they need in one platform.” says Gradstate Director Alex Mureti.

Although many colleges have considerable information on their websites, the information is normally inconsistent across the different colleges therefore making it hard for prospective students to compare courses. Mr Mureti says takes this a notch higher by simplifying and organizing the information on the Gradstate platform thus making it easier for students to make the right choices.

“We are also shortening the journey a student has to make moving from one college to another in search of details of the courses,” he adds

The portal is also facilitating the students to apply for the course of their choice online.

“Most institutions require students to deliver the application for a course in person, however is offering an option for the students to do it at the comfort of their homes or offices,” notes Mr Mureti.

The site comes at a time when the government has moved selection of courses for government sponsored students online. The Kenya universities and colleges placement service launched this year is leading the government initiative.

Mr Mureti says is banking on the penetration of internet across the country to grow its service.

“We believe this service will further facilitate people across the country to access critical higher education information at a minimal or no cost,” he says.

He says Gradstate hopes to sign up all universities and colleges in Kenya by the end of this year.




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