One dead, hundreds injured in UoN Kikuyu Campus terror scare


UoN Kikuyu

One student died and over 100 students were injured in a stampede at the University of Nairobi Kikuyu Campus Sunday morning after an underground electrical cable busted, causing panic at the campus.

Nairobi Police boss Benson Kibue said that the students were injured when they tried to escape from their hostels thinking it was a terror attack.

“They thought they had been attacked… it was still very early in the morning,” he stated.

Police officers and emergency services were swiftly deployed to the campus to contain the situation.

Kibue said the students sustained minor injuries and were rushed to the Kenyatta National Hospital and have since been attended to.

Many students jumped through the windows of their hostel rooms some of which are on the 6th floor. UoN Vice Chancellor Prof. Mbinthi said a male student died after jumping from the 5th floor.

“We have taken the injured students to PCEA Kikuyu, KNH and Karen hospitals,” said the School’s principals, Prof. Jumba

One of the people who witnessed the morning stampede says the blast was very loud and they thought it was a bomb.

“We were all scared… the explosion was heard within a large area, we thought they have come (terrorists) to attack us,” he said.

“It’s a good thing, were it not for the stampede because you won’t stay there and wait for them to kill you.”



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