On The Road To The Ballot


I’m standing at the highest balcony of the famous Hall 9 hostel. It is a windy day and I watched someone’s sock fly from the hanging lines to the flagpole at the graduation square. It was now waving about like a windsock. That’s how idle campus students spend their days thanks to the never-ending lecturers’ strike.


In other news, other idlers are engaged in a heated, political debate several floors below me. I wonder how many of the loudmouths will actually vote. I’ve also watched other students hop into three hired buses to go register as voters at a certain MCA (Member of County Assembly) aspirant’s ward. It was said that “All costs covered. Refreshments will be available.’on a poster on one of the buses’ windows. Apparently, he’s a campus alumnus. I won’t mention him here.


While my thoughts are with fellow earthlings in the ‘Land of Opportunity’ as they sail through the Trumpocalypse, it’s a pity how ‘not voting’ can make you responsible for a crisis. Former U.S President Obama while campaigning for his preferred candidate before the recently concluded U.S elections did urge supporters to channel their strengths into the ballot. They booed Trump and his proposed policies.


Well, Trump won. Experts concluded most supporters of the popular candidate, Hillary, didn’t vote. So decided to take matters into my own hands and fulfill my civic duty.  I was in the village a week ago. My tech-savvy grandpa had to WhatsApp, reminding me of my duty to participate in governance by voting, more so, registering as a voter. I finally registered as a voter and intend to make the best use of my vote. I feel like I have my life together. The only other time I feel this way is when my tie and shoes match. That’s obviously because I didn’t vote four years ago.

With a large number of youth making up the population, hopefully, everyone could make their voice heard and make their vote count. See you at the ballot in August 2017.



This article was written by Capital Campus Correspondent Joe Lweya.




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