Office Assistant


Our Client, an ICT company that prides itself in delivery of cost-effective future proof solutions, backed by exemplary customer service seeks to hire an Office assistant


Being the office Assistant, you are Directly Accountable for;


1. Reception

Main Activities

  • ·         Answer general phone inquiries in a professional and courteous manner
  • ·         Direct phone inquiries to the appropriate staff member
  • ·         Reply to general information requests with the accurate information
  • ·         Greet visitors to the organization in a professional and friendly manner


2. Provide office support services

Main Activities

  • ·         Receive, direct and relay telephone messages and fax messages
  • ·         Direct the general public to the appropriate staff member
  • ·         Pick up and deliver the mail
  • ·         Open and date stamp all general correspondence
  • ·         Maintain the general filing system and file all correspondence
  • ·         Assist in the planning and preparation of meetings, conferences and conference

Telephone calls

  • ·         Make preparations for management and executive meetings
  • ·         Maintain an adequate inventory of office supplies
  • ·         Respond to public inquiries
  • ·         Provide word-processing and secretarial support


3. Maintain office records

Main Activities

  • ·         Design filing systems
  • ·         Ensure filing systems are maintained and up to date
  • ·         Define procedures for record retention
  • ·         Ensure protection and security of files and records
  • ·         Ensure effective transfer of files and records
  • ·         Transfer and dispose records according to retention schedules and policies
  • ·         Ensure personnel files are up to date and secure


4. Maintain office efficiency

Main Activities

  • ·         Plan and implement office systems, layout and equipment procurement
  • ·         Maintain and replenish inventory
  • ·         Check stock to determine inventory levels
  • ·         Anticipate needed supplies
  • ·         Verify receipt of supply


5. Support the Chief Executive Officer and other staff

Main Activities

  • ·         Assist the Chief Executive Officer and other staff as requested
  • ·         Provide administrative services for the Chief Executive Officer


6. Related assignments

  • ·         Perform other related duties or assignment as directed.



  • Reports to the Office Administration Officer / human resources manager.


Academic Qualifications

  • ·         Diploma in Office Administration / Human Resource Management /  Business Management / 3 years Office Assistant Experience

Knowledge Requirement

  • ·         Knowledge of office administration & human resource management
  • ·         Ability to maintain a high level of accuracy in preparing and entering information


Skills Requirement

  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Team building skills
  • Analytical and problem solving skills
  • Decision making skills
  • Effective verbal and listening communications skills

Attention to detail and high level of accuracy


Qualified applicants to send their CVs and a duly filled form as attached and send both to [email protected] by 25th July 2012 as an attachment.





  • You have hit the point 100% bwana Cannon. I think when a leadership intoxicates themselves with full time politics, plotting for 2012 etc, the result will be total lack forward thinking. Actually, the money used this year for drought intervention can build plants able to process, package and store the surplus food as you suggest. It is also strange that the government has land at the coast lying idle next to an all weather river. How about utilizing the NYS to make that land productive? let us learn from the little ant! 

  • “It is time we learnt to harness what
    we have during times of plenty and storing it up to eat in times of need. From
    rotting mangoes, potatoes, tomatoes, cabbages and kales to the cows, goats and
    sheep we could package all these and store them”.       I truly like this part!!!! AND I AGREE WITH YOU A HUNDRED PER CENT.  Go on to say this again and again, until it sticks/sinks somewhere in the minds of the leadership we have today!  WAKAMENJU

  • what makes me sad is the fact that food gets wasted in some parts of the country while in others poeple are dying of hunger.It really is sad especially if you know how it feels to sleep hungry even for a night.Let us correct our mistakes by electing good leaders who will be competent enough to actually plan for such disasters and be as what Cannon said ants who save for times of drought. 

  • Well said Canon, it is very sad to note that Kenyans are still in hunger at this time and age, I want to acknowledge the fact that if Kenyans did more than giving food donations and gave more of ideas that would help prevent this from happening our nation would be more sustaining, I come from the area of Sultan Hamud, this area is faced with drought too. But I am impressed by residents of Ngokomi who have taken to themselves to run away from hunger, they have planted trees at the area selected the crops which do well under the harsh conditions eg. melons pawpaws, oranges onions and so on,  this area is green and remakable.
    So as you say the goverment to do its part by encouraging people to olant trees in the drought striken areas, and also to plant crops which withstand tha harsh environment, together we can.

  • We must wake up now and not later otherwise we will continue to count bodies wich will include those of poor little children because of hunger. The whole African Continent must wake up and embrace modern farming methods so as to be able to feed our people effectively and sustainably. Food is what makes a human being so our political leaders especially african agriculture ministers and agricultural research institutes should start to take food security very seriously if we really want to preserve our future generations and stop the embarrassment we africans are experiencing every year we beg for food from the international community. If African Governments are really serious about achieving the MDGs (Millenuim Development Goals) or the kenyas vision 2030, they must first learn to feed there people sufficiently because people who have enough nutrients in there bodies are more healthier and therefore economically more productive.

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