Of fried eggs and abusive relationships


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Eggs. Sweet, delicious, fried eggs in their oily Cholesterol full goodness. I literally get excited when I think about fried eggs. A smile mysteriously creeps to my face when they are mentioned. I love eggs, fried eggs to be precise. And I’m quite choosy when it comes to how my eggs should be fried. Be it a Spanish omelette, some complicated kind of omelette form those cookbooks on the streets or just an ordinary, salt only fried omelette; So long as it’s well cooked I’m good to go. And the best thing about fried eggs is you can eat them with anything and everything, they are a multi-purpose kind of dish. When you buy fries and you’re looking for an accompaniment, eggs are your life saver. Be it for breakfast or lunch or even dinner, you can never go wrong with eggs.

Since I officially stopped taking red meat back in ’07, eggs became my immediate protein substitute. Every time beef was cooked at home, eggs would be prepared for me. All the eggs purchased at home were officially “Leah’s eggs” and no one would touch them without my permission. And so my love for the magnificent chicken ova blossomed.

But like all good things, there’s always that dark side. See, much as I love eggs, my skin just won’t let me prosper. Each time I consume fried eggs, my face develops into a braille board. Tiny, unsightly uneven toned rashes develop and I feel all itchy. Any wise person would’ve stopped eating them but 7 years down the line, I still do eat eggs. See, I’m naturally a stubborn person. I keep doing things in the hope that perhaps someday the sky spirits will feel how deeply my love for fried eggs runs and just let me be. I keep frying and eating eggs because Y.O.L.O! If I die because of fried egg induced reaction, I will be the happiest soul.

My struggle with fried eggs and my protein reaction kept me thinking about people in abusive relationships. I now understand why most people stay in such relationships despite the distinctly visible physical and emotional trauma they undergo. You stay in the hope that perhaps he/she will wake up one morning a changed person; that the beatings you undergo and the insults they hurl at you will stop. But it never does, in fact, it gets worse with time. And your hopes gets dashed over and over again…but then, because of the love you have, you keep waiting…perhaps…just maybe things will change…

It is indeed sad, you’re left broken heated and emotionally wounded, an empty soul inside.  Yet you just cannot muster the will power to stand up and leave. Things will change, you keep reassuring yourself; but they never do, they never will. It is all a vicious cycle of re-occurrence.  Old wounds are opened up and the fresh ones are more painful, and your soul dies by the minute. Yet no one can save you from your own bondage other than yourself.

NB: //To all the people struggling with addictions and bad relationships; you wield the power to change free yourself. Stop hoping that the problem will go away on its own. Be bold, take a step and free yourself.



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