Octopizzo Speaks On Why Kibera Namba Nane Is “Nu-Afrika”


In the latest installment of the web-series After Hits, radio host Amina Mohammed and Octopizzo discussed his new musical direction and his work to spotlight the best of Africa.

While visiting the Capital FM studios, after an interview on-air on the radio show Hits Not Homework,  Octopizzo delved deeper on what inspired his new artistic direction. He shared he was focused on growing his brand internationally and introducing the world to “Nu Afrika.” Ready to forsake the negative imagery portrayed of the African continent, the “Prezidential” crooner told Amina ” we are always seen asking for something… we have never shown them we have something…why can’t we show our best?”

The Chocolate City rapper did not falter in sharing that his moves have been calculated, and are his attempt at bringing what he thinks is Africa’s best center stage for the world to revel in. Commenting on the negative press he recently received for his latest release “TBT” Octo explained that he chose to shoot in Beverly Hills because he hopes to inspire the next generation. With an aspirational message, the rapper stated his new artistic direction is ” repackaging what we’ve been known for … proving to many we can get there if we work towards something.” Working as a youth activist with Refugee Youth Voice Africa, United Nations High Commission for Refugees and now currently on the “Artistes for Refugees” program, it seems Octopizzo has his mind on the bigger picture.

Watch the full interview below for the scoop on his latest project Nu Afrika.



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