Nyashinski goes ‘soft ka sponge’ in his latest song


How many of us remember Kleptomaniax? The all-male rap group that came into the Kenyan music scene courtesy of their smash hit called Tuendelee? Incase you arent farmiliar with the group, let me jog your memory. One member of the group went abroad but came back recently. He launched a joint with Nameless called Letigo which received good reviews in Kenya and currently has over 300k views on YouTube. One of his most memorable lines that has come to haunt him, according to some pundits is from the song ‘Bad Boy‘ (This is a remix version) featuring Amani:

Lakini juu ya meza kuna issue moja biggy ka notorious, dame mzuri amenoki chali ni jangili, lakini hawezi kubali juu ya nini, akikubali watasema amekuwa soft ka sponge…


Though the jury is still out, I sought out a few DJ’s and music lover’s opinion about the song and the responses were varied. While some people called it growth, others have said that Nyashinski is trying to go the Drake way to diversify while some die-hard fans claim that he has gone ‘soft.’ Arguably one of the best rappers in Kenya, Nyashinski was known for hard-hitting punchlines. In this song, he tries to narrate his story since he left Kenya.

Listen to the link below and let us know what you think:





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