Nyashinki Gives Fans A Double Dose Of His Talent With Hot New Releases


Nyashinki, a former member of Kleptomaniacs made a comeback and found huge success with tracks “Mungu Pekee” and his collaboration with Nameless on the track “Let It Go.” In his latest releases posted on Youtube on 16th May 2017,  the rapper showcased his versatility, releasing two tracks at a go.



Nyashinki proves why he is a fan favorite, serving up a sweet and mellow tune titled “Malaika”. The love song, is an easy listen calling anyone to fall into an epic love story. The second release titled “Aminia” is laid on a heavy beat, with Nyashinki dropping bars reminding fans why he features on Kenya’s top 5 list of rappers. As the horns blare and the drum continues on, it difficult to deny the hook is very catchy.



Other rappers could borrow a leaf from the Comeback King Nyashinski. Nyashinki may not be one to speak, but actions speak louder than words. Nyashinki stays #winning.

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