NRG Radio host Barack Jacuzzi allegedly assaulted over rap beef

Host of NRG radio Top 40 Barack Jacuzzi has allegedly been on the receiving end of a serious beat down.

The young rapper and radio personality was confronted by upcoming artist TimmyxTwenny and his manager Big Musa, a record executive from Vice Life Ke. The assault that was recorded and shared on Instagram showing Jacuzzi receive several blows, kicks to his torso and head.

Although it still remains unknown what caused the incident to escalate to that level, the event leading up to the beating see TimmyxTwenny call up Jacuzzi for his location. Jacuzzi got called out, and was ready to fight; only to find it was one against four.

Big Musa and TimmyxTweeny went on to brag that they just ended Jacuzzi’s career.

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