Andela Brings A Novel Approach To Teamwork In The Workplace


Today I have learned the importance of collaboration; through sharing resources, having discussions when troubleshooting and asking questions when faced with a particular conundrum.


Each day I learn to appreciate the level of excellence, passion, integrity, and collaboration from delivering each task we undertake in the Andela Bootcamp. Transforming our thoughts, the boot camp program advocates for critical analysis with an objective approach to daily interactions with others. We are often reminded that it is okay not to know everything, we’re encouraged to ask questions and be willing learn how to apply what we have been taught.


The experience urges us to adopt an open logical and critical mindset. I have come to appreciate this rich budding community of dedicated and smart developers as they continue sharing valuable resources and dedicating part of their time in helping others accomplish tasks that they once found challenging.
From my experiences, I have realized that in as much finishing tasks is important, collaboration is of greater importance. Teamwork helps identify areas where we are lacking in proficiency, encouraging us to seek help. As my time at Andela Bootcamp drew to an end, I’m confident in saying that I learned practice is a habit; it does not need remembrance but requires dedication and commitment.
This article was written by Gacheru Evans while in boot camp. He is now an Andela developer.

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