Do Not Let Ignorance Be Your Master


What you don’t know won’t kill you… while this is true for some situations; there are times one cannot afford to be ignorant. In these situations, ignorance is no defense.

Here are a few times when ignorance isn’t bliss:

1. Trade

This is what you do for a living, make sure you are proficient. You may not know everything that there is to engineering or music or journalism, but you can sure learn a lot. Widen your knowledge base. Strive to be better with each waking day.


2. Health

Your health is your wealth. Listen to your body and understand it. It will tell you much more than your friends or a doctor will. Learn how to take care of your body, learn what works for you and what doesn’t really sit well with your body. In future, this could save you lots of doctor’s visits and consultation fees.


3. Decorum

It is important that one is aware of the best way to carry yourself in different situations. It may be a date, corporate event, social gathering at work or school, even with family. Not that you should be overwhelmed by social norms, but respecting social norms and observing the extent of relationships within various social circles could save anyone lots of heartaches.


4. The Internet

This is where your head will easily get chewed off. As you leave that comment, update that status or tell us what’s happening; be sure you have your facts straight. The internet never forgets. Ensure that your online interactions are of the nature that could stand up to scrutiny.


This article was written by Capital Campus Correspondent Eden Kimondo.



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