How Not To Get ‘Frozen’ At The Club


It’s not anything new for one to get carded or “frozen” while trying to gain entry to the club. Often one would be in the long queue outside a club along the infamous Electric Avenue, hoping to kick off the night with friends. However, the plans get frustrated when a big bodied bouncer pushes you to the side, denying you entry to the party.

Here are a few reasons why you get frozen  at the club:

1.You Have A Baby Face

A youthful appearance is one thing someone can not really escape. It is not a feature one can simply change up or hide, unless you enlist the power of a makeup brush. For the ladies, a little makeup could help age beyond your years. For a young man, it may be best to wait it out to avoid embarrassment outside the club. You never want to be that guy who is carried out on the shoulders of bouncers.

2.You Do Not Look The Part

Club culture comes with a corresponding dress code, body language and even a lingo of its own. To get into the party, one must look the part. If you intend to paint the town red dressed like an ob, your plans may quickly be thwarted. Before leaving the house, always consider the establishments you hope to visit. Ask yourself “Self, do I look like I belong there?” If not, change the outfit and who knows, you might get drink offers all night.

3.You Are Too Sloppy

Young partygoers on a budget employ all the tricks in the book to pay less. Whether it is concealing their vodka in a water bottle or simply getting drunk before the being out on the town to avoid buying drinks at the bar. Those in the habit of buying Kenya Cane Coconut also known as “KC Coconut” and trying to get in the club when drunk and disorderly often get carded at the door. Always remember that any establishment has the right to refuse entry. So by showing up drunk,  the club could simply ask you to stay out. You and your drunk a$$ might just have to go home and nurse your hangover the next morning.

4.You Are Contributing To The Sausage Fest In The Club

The best clubs not only gain that reputation because they have the best music, great service, and awesome decor. Many times the deciding factor is the clientele they attract, basically how many women go to that club. And of course, the more women there are, the more popular the club is with men. So when going out, always ensure you have a good number of women in the crew. A good mix of men and women contributes to the atmosphere in the club. For your next night out, call up your female friends. Trust me, you won’t regret it.



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