No Moi Uni student died from illicit brew – Dean



The Dean of Students, through MUSO Health Director Consolata Waithera, has affirmed that no student from Moi University succumbed to illicit liquor as it was reported in a certain leading national mainstream media house yesterday.

Dean D.M. Murithi affirmed that the two who were reported dead after consuming illicit brew were bonafide students of Eldoret Polytechnic and not Moi Main Campus.

According to him, only one student from Main Campus was affected and that he is in better condition at the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital.

Earlier yesterday, it had been reported that two students from Moi University had died after taking illicit brews, a story that brought shock to both students and the nation as a whole.

Nonetheless, the school’s administration blames mainstream media for irresponsible reporting for having used Moi University’s name to publish ‘fleshy’ news item.

MUSO Director of Health, Ms. Consolata Waithera told The 3rd Eye; “They (School Administration) tried to rectify the information by 10:30 a.m. but since media houses could not have made catchy news using the Eldoret Polytechnic, that’s why they have been using our name. The truth still stand that no comrade is dead so far.”

The issue of illicit brew has claimed over seventy lives in the country this year the recent being in Nandi where 11 people died after consuming illicit liquor.

Reports by Francis Omondi

Moi University Press Club



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