Nigerian teen brothers develop Android mobile web browser

Osine Anesi
Brothers Anesi and Osine Ikhianosime Photo:

While most typical teenagers are busy downloading the latest apps and pushing their parents to buy for them the latest gadgets, Lagos-based brothers Anesi and Osine Ikhianosime taught themselves how to code and developed an Android-based web browser called Crocodile Browser Lite.

According to, 13-year-old Anesi and his 15-old brother Osine, formed a company inspired by Microsoft and named it BluDoors when they were 7 and 9 respectively.

“I learnt to code by myself. I started in 2013, I used sites like Code Academy, Code Avengers and books like ‘Android for Game Development’ and ‘Games for Dummies’,” said Anesi.

Out of frustration with Google Chrome, the brothers created Crocodile Browser Lite for low-end phones and feature phones, and have so far got over 500 downloads on Google Play Store.



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