NIC Bank Offers 50 Students The Chance To Achieve Their Dreams


NIC Bank supports 50 underprivileged students achieve their dreams. NIC Bank partnered with several charitable organizations over the years to support underprivileged children gain a quality education. This is in line with the Bank’s citizenship agenda which has identified education as a key pillar of its community engagement.


The bank announced that it has partnered with Edumed Trust Kenya to financially support 5 talented students through their four years of secondary schooling. Edmund Trust is a Christian funded organization which supports people with learning disabilities. The bank has donated KES 450,000 so far this year which will go towards supporting these students through their secondary schooling years. NIC Bank has been supporting the initiative for nine years.


“As a bank, we strongly believe in investing in our youth. This is an investment in the future, and we are humbled to be given this opportunity to develop tomorrow’s leaders,” said NIC Bank Managing Director, John Gachora.


NIC Bank also said that it will support the Palmhouse Foundation by sponsoring 15 students through their four years of secondary schooling. The Palmhouse Foundation provides scholarships for secondary education to bright and talented children from financially challenged families. Since 2008, NIC’s sponsorship has grown over the years with the current annual sponsorship standing at KES 1,820,000.


Another charitable organization that NIC Bank has worked closely with is the Dr. Choskey Albinism Foundation. The Foundation, which is run by Dr. Prahba Choskey, a leading Kenyan ophthalmologist, has a mission of improving the quality of life of economically disadvantaged children living with albinism in the country. The bank will be supporting 25 students in 2017.


According to the World Health Survey, in 14 of 15 low and middle-income countries, people of a working age with disabilities are about one-third less likely to have completed primary school. “With the rise of unemployment levels in the country, there is a need for persons with disability to have access to opportunities that will empower them and give them an equal footing in the job market,” said Mr. Gachora.




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