New softball entrant in surprise win over Varsity sides


softball knights

Last weekend, Saturday 26th January 2013, saw the return of the second half of The National Softball League after the Long break held at USIU grounds. The return saw the inclusion of The 254 Knights into the league after Kenyatta University teams bowed out of the competition.


In the Men’s Fixtures of the first day, the League leaders African Nazarene Univerity (ANU) Crusaders started off against The Knights which saw Team Knights emerge victorious in their League Debut with 16 runs against four.


Knights is a new team composed largely ANU Alumni but it still recruiting other alumni from different universities. The team also includes some players who are yet to graduate.


Later on, in the women encounter, USIU Phoenixes thrashed ANU Crusaders by 13 runs to one. The underdogs started off the match on a high note and after the first inning the Phoenixes were way ahead of their game. According to Crusaders Coach Peter Anyanzwa, lack of good pitchers and inconsistency in bating on their side cost them both the men’s and women games.


On Sunday, The Knights started off on a higher note against The MMU Stormers with two homeruns by Kihono Josiah and a heroic save by Winnie Miriti that denied the Stormers a homerun to emerge victorious with 32 runs against nine runs. In the Afternoon, USIU Phoenixes met against The MMU Stormers that saw the USIU men emerge victorious by 8 runs to 5.


This weekend’s Fixtures are as follows:


On Saturday 2nd Feb 2013

Match 1 – MMU STOMERS vs. JKUAT (K)



Sunday 3rd Feb 2013:

Match 3 – JKUAT (K) Vs.  254KNIGHTS

Match 4 – JKUAT (W) Vs.  MMU (W)


Follow your Campus and/or favorite teams on the following for more on score updates and league fixtures;


ANU CRUSADERS: @TheCrusaderz on twitter and Crusaders Softball/Baseball club on Facebook

USIU PHOENIXES: @PhoenixesUSIU on Twitter and The phoenixes-USIU Softball on Facebook

KNIGHTS: @The254Knights on twitter and Knights Softball on Facebook

NATIONAL SOFTBALL FEDERATION:  Kenya Softball Federation on Facebook



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