New show turns Power Puff Girls into 22-year-olds with esteem issues


Proff X

If you enjoyed the hit cartoon show Power Puff Girls, HBO has revealed that the feisty little girls are all grown up and soon to return to our screens. The innocent sweet trio we were accustomed to in our childhood is completely different characters reworked as part of the “Girls” television show.

The chemical formula Professor Utonium uses is even different. The formula composed of sugar, spice and everything nice with the accidental splash of narcissism instead of Chemical X.

The new series of the Power Puff Girls  chronicles the three in their 20s and living life as normal people would, except  they have superpowers. The drastic change in their personalities is intriguing as Blossom goes from being the smart one to the fat one, Bubbles goes from cute to slutty and Buttercup loses interest in fighting monsters altogether to a self-absorbed hippy. Watching them deal with relationships, self-esteem and other issues will definitely make an interesting show.

Watch the trailer here



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