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Nazarene joins Google ambassador programme


Nazarene students will have greater access to Google tools and applications after an interactive session at the Ongata Rongai campus introduced the students to the Google ambassador programme.


Students were introduced to various Google apps including email system and Google plus, available to students once Nazarene fully partners with Google. One of the students – Japtheth Korir, an assistant Google ambassador – expounded the benefits of Google docs and how students can collaborate on school projects.


Google student ambassador, Evelyne Kemunto, fielded questions to the audience about Google, what they had learnt and how they would apply the information they have acquired in the present society. Evelyne also officially launched the Google Student Ambassador (GSA) team for Africa Nazarene University. 80 students signed up to be part of the Google Students Ambassador (GSA).


Evelyne Kemunto


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