Namtero Mdee, The Makings Of The Ultimate Pastor’s Wife Starter Pack


Namtero Mdee better known as Tero was quite the personality in her day.

Once a television host on KTN’s  Stra8Up LIVE with popular mixmaster DJ Kaytrixx, she was also a radio host on Homeboyz Radio. Unfortunately, or fortunately, her life changed when she met Tanzanian evangelist Hebron Kisamo. Tero quickly pivoted, withdrawing away from the limelight to join her husband in spreading the Gospel.

Now, almost over 5 years later since her departure from the public eye, Tero has neither been seen or heard of on social media. According to her last tweet in 2013, it seemed that it was not easy for her to leave the limelight and follow the straight and narrow path as a pastor’s wife. Nonetheless, it did not stop fans from sharing sentiments about her.

The former media personality, now a mother and wife seem to have completely transformed into the ultimate pastor’s wife. A drastic adjustment from the shorts-clad, party starter, Namtero now sings of God’s goodness in her track “Taa ya miguu yangu.” The track based on the Scriptures from Psalms 119:105, Namtero acknowledges the place of God in her life. The production is simple and the public did not shy away from commenting on her wardrobe choices. Despite all this, it is difficult to deny that Namtero could be the perfect example of the ultimate preacher’s wife.

Here is what it takes to be a preacher’s wife:

1.Beauty and Grace

Though ministry work is not based on the appearance of those spreading the Gospel, we can imagine being accompanied by such a beauty does help win more people to Christ.

2. Soft-spoken Personality

Once young and unequivocally open, Namtero was once the conversation starter. Now withdrawn from the society to concentrate on her family, it seems she is now submissive and dutiful, the true makings of a pastor’s wife.

3. Participate In Ministry

The fully support your pastor and husband, a preacher’s wife must also find their place in the ministry. Many involve themselves in women’s and children’s ministry. Namtero chooses to use her talent for God. Her new track could be her finding her path in the church ministry. Much like Joel Osteen’s wife Victoria, and TD Jakes wife Sherita, Namtero could be on her way to making a name for herself, away from he husband’s ministry. Many will be waiting for her next video release, to make a conclusive jdgement on her true talent.

Who remembers the hooot KTN's Str8 Up presenter Namtero Mdee aka Teroo? She is still married to a pastor and she has a new gospel song.You too can change 🙂

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