Nameless’ New Release Could Unite Kenyans During This Election Period

After a trying period overcome by illness, Nameless took some time away from the limelight.

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But it seems that though he may have been down, he was never out. His latest release “Oh Why” is just what every Kenyan needs. As the repeat election dominate conversations across the nation, political tensions and tribal rhetoric seem to be the running theme. The track instead asks Kenyans to pull away from the negativity and focus on the nation’s well being.

The track which has a simple, memorable hook carries a thought-provoking message. The strong lyrics urge all to be mindful of their neighbor and avoid “propagating the hate.” A legend in the Kenyan music scene, Nameless’ release could not have been more aptly timed.  The track that was written and performed by Nameless is accompanied by some smooth vocals provided by Lydia Ndwiga.

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